Arthur Frommer: A Journalist Produces the Definitive Report on Disney Cruises

By Arthur Frommer

Posted on 03/26/2018, 12:15 PM

Most parents are aware of the ever-expanding Disney cruise line, which enables them to join their young children on a sailing designed to fascinate. Disney currently operates four big cruise ships, and two more are reaching completion in European shipyards. Impartial descriptions of those cruises are hard to come by. Persons who write for the newspapers are loathe to criticize the powerful Disn...

The New York Times Recommends a Honeymoon Hotel Without Once Mentioning It Charges $1,600 a Night Per Room

By Arthur Frommer

Posted on 07/14/2015, 12:30 PM

      The travel sections of several leading American newspapers seem to engage in an alternating pattern of reality/non-reality. For months on end, they devote their pages to recommending ultra-deluxe hotels that no normal American could possibly afford, and then--when called out by critics--they spend a week or two on realistic expenditures before reverting to their normal, desired area...

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