Why Don't More People Think of Renting an RV from a Private RV Owner?

By Arthur Frommer

Posted on 03/02/2018, 9:00 PM

Probably the most misunderstood, most underused travel facility is the recreational vehicle capable of both housing and driving a family.    All over America, persons own such RVs, but a good percentage of them make only a sporadic use of the vehicles they own. For much of the year, their RV remains parked in their garage or outside their home.   This is such an underuse of valuable fa...

The RV Revival Kicks Into High Gear—Should You Climb on Board?

By Zac Thompson

Posted on 06/08/2016, 5:45 PM

(Photo by faungg's photos / Flickr) Welcome to the RV renaissance. After some dark days during the 2008 recession—when many belt-tightening Americans found it difficult to justify investing in recreation, let alone a recreational vehicle—the RV industry has made an impressive comeback.  Sales are way up; nearly 400,000 vehicles are expected to be shipped this year, compared to the...

Two New Websites Are Poised to Become the Airbnbs of RV Rentals

By Pauline Frommer

Posted on 05/10/2016, 1:30 AM

It was only a matter of time. Just as and dramatically changed the home rental industry, now two relatively new sites are transforming the ways people rent motorhomes. As with the vacation home sites mentioned above, they’re created for peer-to-peer interactions. And the increased competition between average Joes and traditional rental agencies (also found on these...

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