Key West Hotels Introduce "Underwater Library" with Waterproof Books

By Zac Thompson

Posted on 08/26/2019, 5:00 PM

Reading while lounging next to bodies of water is so popular it spawned a whole literary genre. But here's the thing about beach reads: There's a very real chance you'll ruin the book if you get it wet. Two hotels in Key West, Florida, have devised a clever solution to this perennial vacation problem: waterproof books.  The new "underwater library" is an aquarium tank stocked with fully submerge...

Talking with Frances Mayes About Her Latest Book, 'See You in the Piazza'

By Pauline Frommer

Posted on 05/01/2019, 2:00 PM

Frances Mayes, author of the memoir Under the Tuscan Sun, is to Tuscan travel what ketchup is to Russian dressing.  For tens of thousands of vacationers, her tale—both the book that sat on the New York Times bestseller list for two years, and the Diane Lane film that fictionalized it—was the reason they chose to go this bucolic and beautiful corner of "The Boot." Now Mayes has a new book called...

Two New, And Quite Appetizing, Culinary Travel Books

By Pauline Frommer

Posted on 09/17/2017, 12:00 AM

The old cliché "I live to eat" has a new corollary: "I travel to eat." More vacationers are letting their taste buds decide where their feet (and wallets) will lead them. To aid with that decision, there's a new crop of travel books centered around cuisine. Super Sushi Ramen Express: A Culinary Adventure Through Japan is one of the most exuberant of the genre. Its writing began with a bet of sor...

Off to the Great State of Oregon Next! Please Come to See Arthur & Pauline Frommer at Powell's Books in Portland on Jan 20 at 7pm

By Pauline Frommer

Posted on 01/19/2014, 5:45 PM

The whirlwind tour continues! On May 20th, my father and I are honored to be speaking at the legendary Powell's in Portland, Oregon (largets bookstore in the world!). What will we discuss? My father will be laying out all of the sneaky and strategic ways travelers can save money on their next trip, while I'll be doing a slide presentation about destinations that many travelers skip over (b...

Southern (and Central) California Here We Come! The Frommers to Speak in Sacramento (January 16) and Los Angeles (January 18)

By Pauline Frommer

Posted on 01/13/2014, 4:00 PM

Yes, our  jaunt around the United States continues on thanks to Allianz Travel Insurance, our sponsor on this books tour! This week both Frommers will be hitting the road, to get out the word about the new Frommer guidebooks. On January 16, I will be appearing at Time Tested Books (1114 21st Street) in Sacramento at 7pm. My talk will be on the sneakiest strategies to save money on travel a...

A Book-Length Treatment of Touristic Excess is Required Reading for Anyone Interested in the Future of Travel

By Arthur Frommer

Posted on 01/03/2014, 9:15 PM

It isn’t likely that your local bookstore will be selling a copy of Elizabeth Becker’s “Overbooked”, a devastating critique of the impact that travel has on certain major destinations.  Although it garnered excellent reviews, it is not the page-turner that results in best-sellers.  But it is a unique discussion of issues that most travel writers and commentators carefully avoid.  So i...

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