How Does Hurricane Season Affect Cruises?

By Thomas Faddegon

For a full six months of the year, the Caribbean is hit by an average of six hurricanes. Cruising during hurricane season means great deals from the cruise lines, but there are some things to consider before you book:

9 Tips for Cruising With Small Children

By Heidi Sarna

Cruises are great family vacations because kids are catered to as well as adults. Most ships offer supervised activities, and the biggest vessels have several spacious playrooms geared to different age groups, each with their own age-appropriate toys, electronic gaming, and furniture — there are even bathrooms with miniature toilets and sinks. If you’re the parent of a young child and are eager to cruise because you’ll have lots of time to do your own thing, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with these pointers first: 

Mix and Match Cruise Vacations: That Include Both Land or River Cruise Add-Ons

By Pauline Frommer

One week hopping ports in the Caribbean? That's old hat. To lure more customers, the major cruise lines are offering a slew of new land and river cruise options to their itineraries.


The 5 Best Cruise Lines for Kids

By Lambeth Hochwald

No matter how old your kids are, few family vacations are easier than hopping aboard a cruise ship — you unpack once, and you don’t have to juggle plane and train schedules or maps to chart a course. We scoped out the most family-friendly cruise lines and found out what make these ships rock. If you think we’re just talking about kids’ menus, mini-golf, and high chairs, you’re in for a surprise; these lines work hard to make family travel easy. Read on for the five best cruise lines for kids, in no particular order:

Do I need a passport to cruise?

By Thomas Faddegon

In light of heightened border security and thorough Transportation Security Administration (TSA) searches, it seems like a given that you need a passport to go on a cruise. Surprisingly enough, the cruise industry has a loophole that lets American passengers soak in the beautiful beaches of the Caribbean and other destinations without a passport on “closed-loop” sailings out of U.S. ports.

7 Rookie Mistakes First-Time Cruisers Make

By Heidi Sarna

If you’re new to cruising, don’t fall prey to these potential pitfalls. Here are the top nine mistakes cruise newbies make and how to avoid them for smooth sailing, from the minute you walk up the gangway for the first time to the moment you disembark:

The 5 Best Restaurants on Carnival Ships

By Sherri Eisenberg

Just how far has Carnival come from the days of bland buffets and wan salad bars? Well, if you book a cruise on one of the line’s newer ships, you’re bound to be pleasantly surprised. Not only are there more options than ever before, but many are a big upgrade from years past. Check out our favorites and see if you agree:

7 Popular Tourist Traps — and Where to Go Instead

By Bob Payne

Ever wonder why tourist traps are so popular? Sometimes, it’s as simple as name recognition, created by effective marketing, and a lack of knowledge about other choices.

2014 Bon Voyage Awards

By Frommer's Staff

Bon Voyage magazine announces the winners of its first annual cruise awards. This year, it convened a panel of crack cruise writers — travelers who eat, sleep, and breathe ships — to see what impressed them most of all.

5 Tips for Booking a Cruise at the Right Time

By Sunshine Flint

When is the best time to buy your cruise? There are a number of factors to consider — from time of year you want to travel to the region you’re sailing — before pulling out your credit card.

Everything You Need to Know About American Queen Steamboat Co.

By Sherri Eisenberg

This small-ship line has two paddle wheelers plying U.S. rivers. Are either right for your next vacation? Read on to find out.

How to Make Your Tiny Cabin Feel Like a Castle

By Jenna Mahoney

While cruise ships are lauded for their activities, entertainment, and food options aplenty, they aren’t exactly known for spacious accommodations. Just because you’ve booked the smallest stateroom doesn’t mean you have to feel confined. These seven tips will help you maximize your space.

How to Choose a Caribbean Itinerary

By Heidi Sarna

Cruise itineraries in the Caribbean are divided by eastern, southern, and western options. For cruisers who haven't sailed these warm waters, the designations  which are a construct of the cruise industry rather than actual regions  can be confusing. Here's what you need to know to determine which route is best for you:

5 Cruise Cabin Locations You Really Don’t Want

By Sherri Eisenberg

I’m a light sleeper a very light sleeper. If you’re like me, choosing a hotel room’s location is extremely important … and cruise ship cabin real estate is even more vital. After all, you don’t often spend a week at one hotel, but you do on a ship. Here are a few cabin location proximities to avoid:

4 Things You Need to Know About Getting a Bargain on Your Next Cruise

By Sherri Eisenberg

Booking a cruise is complicated — prices change based on cabin availability, and determining whether you’re getting the best deal is tough. Here, our best advice for booking the ship you want at the best price.

Cruise Ship Safety: What to Expect in a Muster Drill

By Heidi Sarna

The tragedy aboard Costa Concordia has focused the spotlight on the industry's safety and evacuation procedures for cruise passengers. Two experts offer their insider's take on muster drills and how to be prepared for onboard emergencies.

How to Get the Best Spa Experience at Sea

By Heidi Sarna

Want to relax? Here are nine ways to help you score a spa deal while on a cruise.

Drinks at Sea: Should You Buy a Beverage Package on a Cruise?

By Heidi Sarna

Use this guide to help calculate if a drinks package -- or à la carte pricing for bottled water, sodas, and alcohol -- makes more financial sense for your cruise.

5 Ways to Score Summer Cruise Deals

By Heidi Sarna

Airfares to Europe are soaring, yet summer cruise fares there have dropped by as much as 30%. Cruise specialists weigh in on how to find summer cruise deals in Europe and beyond.

A Guide to Cruise Gratuities: Has Cruise Tipping Gone Overboard?

By Heidi Sarna

The pressure to tip cruise staff is more prevalent than ever. From porters and bartenders to fitness instructors and massage therapists, who should you tip, and how?

How to Lose Weight on a Cruise: 9 Smart Ways

By Heidi Sarna

For cruisers who face tempting buffets and endless desserts, these nine tips reveal healthy dining options and fun ways to stay active while on a cruise.

Cruise Deals for the Week of December 23, 2010

By Heidi Sarna

Who's discounting what to where from all the major lines for routes in the Caribbean, Europe, the Pacific, and other itineraries.

Cruise Deals for the Week of Dec. 9, 2010

By Heidi Sarna

Book a Regent Seven Seas cruise before prices increase in 2011, plus more affordable cruise deals in the Caribbean, Mediterranean, and Asia.

Cruise Deals for the Week of Nov. 11, 2010

By Heidi Sarna

Nab a deal on Royal Caribbean's newest megaship Allure of the Seas or Costa Cruises' Mediterranean itineraries, plus find more discounts from cruise specialists.