"The Church of Our Lady," lying to the northwest of Århus Domkirke, was built between the 13th and 15th centuries but was originally part of a Dominican priory. The original Århus Cathedral was erected on this site in 1060. Today's church, built of red brick, has a largely whitewashed interior. It's mainly a Gothic building with frescoes and a significant altarpiece from the workshop of Claus Berg, painted in 1520. The altarpiece depicts a scene from the Passion, in a stunningly expressive style that is often compared to the work of Pieter Bruegel the Elder. Restoration work was begun here in the 1950s, and the crypt of the original Romanesque church from 1060 was uncovered under the chancel. Its early date makes it the oldest vaulted building in all Scandinavia. This vaulted crypt is now virtually "a church within a church." In addition, a chapter house, which once was a hospital for the elderly in the Reformation era, has been dedicated as a church and incorporated into the general structure. So "Our Lady" is actually three churches in one. Wall paintings from the Middle Ages adorn the walls of the chapter house. Because of all these multiple layers beneath the surface, Von Frue Kirke is often likened to a Russian matryoshka doll.