The well-preserved ruins of Dunnottar are on a rocky promontory towering 49m (160 ft.) above the surging sea, and the best way to get here is by a dramatic 30-minute walk from Stonehaven along the cliffs. The ruins include a great square tower and a chapel built in 1292. William Wallace stormed it in 1297, but failed to take it. In 1991, it was the setting for Zeffirelli's film of Hamlet, starring Mel Gibson. You can reach Stonehaven from Aberdeen by taking Bluebird Northern bus no. 107, which costs £5.70 round-trip, and then walking for 5 minutes. Trains run about every half-hour from Aberdeen to Stonehaven, costing £6 to £12 round-trip. Departures are every 30 minutes during the day; the trip takes 30 minutes.