Patterned after Scottish-English manor houses, this architecturally impressive home was completed in 1753 by Scottish merchant John Carlyle for his bride, Sarah Fairfax, who hailed from one of the first families of Virginia. It was a social and political center visited by many great men of the time, including George Washington, but its most important moment in history occurred in April 1755, when Maj. Gen. Edward Braddock, commander in chief of His Majesty's forces in North America, met five Colonial governors here and asked them to tax colonists to finance the French and Indian War. Colonial legislatures refused, one of the first instances of serious friction between America and Britain. Nevertheless, Braddock made Carlyle House his headquarters during the war. The house is furnished with period pieces, and the original large parlor and study have survived intact. You can explore the gardens and browse the gift shop. Call or check the website for special events and lectures.