Presbyterian congregations have worshiped in Virginia since Jamestown days, when the Rev. Alexander Whittaker converted the American Indian princess Pocahontas. Scottish pioneers established this congregation in 1774. Its bell tolled continuously for 4 days after George Washington's death in December 1799, and Presbyterian, Episcopal, and Methodist ministers preached memorial services from its pulpit. Among the notable Alexandrians buried in the church graveyard are John and Sara Carlyle; Dr. James Craik, who treated Washington and dressed Lafayette's wounds at Brandywine; and William Hunter, Jr., founder of the St. Andrew's Society of Scottish descendants (bagpipers pay homage to him the first Sat of each Dec). It's also the site of the tomb of an Unknown Soldier of the Revolutionary War. The original parsonage, built in the Flounder style in 1787, is still intact. There's no guided tour, but there are recorded narratives in the church and graveyard.