Excellent seafood is to be expected in Belize, but excellent sushi? That’s brand new. We can thank Jyoto’s chef Toshiya Tsujimoto who was born in Japan, and later honed his craft in San Francisco before traveling the world as a sushi chef and settling in Belize. His food is utterly authentic, like what you would find in Tokyo, while incorporating such local ingredients as spiny lobster. Everything on the menu is tops, but the chef’s choice sashimi of the day, is a special treat, as delicious as it is exquisitely plated. Jyoto is set in a brand new two-story building with industrial architecture and subtle Japanese décor, and even though it’s spacious (it can seat 120), it’s often packed, having become an instant hit with locals and expats upon opening in 2017. If you can, grab a seat at the sushi bar to see the chef and his team in action.