Chef Amy Knox is a frequent award winner in food competitions, and for good reason. Her “New Wave Latin” style of cooking brings together the best components of Latin American food, from the Caribbean all the way down to Argentina. The best seats at this down-home open-air joint are those on the outdoor, covered wooden deck. The menu is fairly broad and very creative. Start things off with the Tres Amigos, a selection of three different ceviches from their ample menu of creative ceviches. For a main course I like the cashew-crusted grouper, in a green chile butter sauce, or the Budin Azteca, a vegetarian dish with mole, cheese, and more between layers of tortilla. There are often nightly specials, and the desserts are delectable. There’s also a somewhat more streamlined lunch menu featuring excellent sandwiches, wraps, tacos, and burritos, as well as salads and other treats.