The state’s oldest continuously operating (legal) drinking establishment, the Palace Saloon is a must before or after dinner if but for a drink and to drink in the ambience of inlaid mosaic floors, embossed tin ceiling, and murals depicting scenes from Shakespeare to Dickens. While the Saloon used to serve food, they now only cater to, as they say, “those on a liquid diet.” Nightly entertainment from DJs to live bands is good, but not nearly as enthralling as the history of the place. It was originally constructed as a haberdashery in 1878 until 1903, when hats were replaced with booze, even on the very last night before Prohibition, when the Saloon was the last to close, staying open until midnight and grossing $60,000 in a single day. Incidentally, the Saloon was also the first hard liquor bar to begin serving Coca-Cola, around 1905. If you’re lucky, you'll get a bartender who knows the history of the place and he or she can regale you with fascinating spirited stories to go with your cocktails.