The Heineken is one of Amsterdam’s most popular attractions and so is always crowded with multi-national youngsters eager to get their hands on the beer. It’s housed inside the red-brick former brewery, which functioned from 1867 until 1988 before production was moved to modern facilities in The Hague and Den Bosch. The intro to Heineken the company, delivered by human hologram from behind a well-stocked bar, sets the pace for a rollicking journey through the growth of the brand from micro-brewery to multi-million-euro, international company with liberal use of interactive exhibits and funny simulated rides. The tour also incorporates the original copper brewing vats, malt silos, and vintage brewing equipment, plus a stable full of Shire horses used to pull the promotional drays. The ultimate goal for most is to glug back Heineken beer at the bar so expect a bit of a scuffle when trying to get served at the bar, which is usually standing-room only and awash with lager.