This beautiful church is the most important in The Netherlands. It was built in the last years of the 14th century, and in 1814, King William I first took the oath of office and was inaugurated here (Dutch royalty are not crowned). It still retains its relevance into the modern era, with His Majesty King of the Netherlands Willem-Alexander marrying Argentinian Princess Máxima here in 2002. Although many of its original priceless treasures were removed or painted over in 1578 when it passed into Protestant hands, much of its original grandeur has since been recaptured. The church has a stately arched nave, an elaborately carved altar, a great pipe organ that dates from 1645, several noteworthy stained-glass windows, and sepulchral monuments for many of Holland’s most revered poets and naval heroes. It’s also the venue for a lively program of events and exhibitions.