If you’re traveling with kids, or you’re just a big kid at heart, make a beeline for this happy museum. Located in the basement of the Glacier Brewhouse Mall, it seems a little out of place, like a public school classroom buried beneath artsy gift shops and noisy beer drinkers. If it's a classroom, though, it's one run by a brilliant and maverick teacher who's always working on new contraptions to illustrate some principal of astronomy or physics, and who’s constantly on the lookout for new creatures for her aquariums and terrariums. There's enough to do at the Imaginarium to happily fill few hours, and should you tire of studying the frogs, solving puzzles, firing the air cannon, testing the aerodynamics of an aircraft wing in the wind tunnel, pondering the plankton under a microscope, running your fingers across the cold iron of the meteorite, and waiting for the boa constrictors to do something, you can always build a giant soap bubble around yourself and stand inside of it until it pops.