The most uniquely located place to stay in Midtown Anchorage is the Lake Hood Inn,  which sits right on the edge of the Lake Hood Seaplane Base, the busiest seaplane base in the world. Seaplanes and floatplanes take off and land on the lake all day long. Guests can listen to the chatter between pilots and the air traffic controllers through headphones kept on the balcony. The four rooms here, are spacious and spare but swankily appointed, with Berber carpet, high-thread count sheets, and showers with room for two. They occupy the upstairs addition of the airy, modernist-style home of the owner, a pilot who keeps his two floatplanes docked in the front yard. An aviation theme prevails: you can lounge in seats from a Illyushin IL-62 Russian passenger liner; you can pick a magazine at a service cart that once rolled up and down the aisles of an Alaska Airlines jet; or you can flip a switch to turn on a ceiling fan, painted like a propeller and adorned with the nose cup from a Piper aircraft.