The city’s most famous (some might say "infamous") nightclub takes the big-tent approach to being a bar. It’s squeezed 10 bars under one roof, and put one bar on top of the roof. ‘Koots has little bars and big bars, loud bars and quiet ones, bars with dance floors, bars with stages; it’s got bars with padded beer kegs to sit on, and bars with patio furniture; a bar to get your groove on and a bar to watch the NFL in, a bar that does daiquiris, a bar that does martinis, a bar with a bar-top made of ice, a bar completely draped in women's lingerie, a bar dedicated to czarist Russia, a bar dedicated to Communist Russia, and more. It’s the most over-the-top bar in a state that puts a lot of emphasis on its bars. Playboy magazine once named it the best bar in America. It’s a blast to walk through there even if you don’t drink. Caution as you leave, however, as the area can be rough.