Watch out Stockholm, New York City and San Francisco! Anchorage has a contender for the title of world's most creative chef and his name is Jens Hansen. A true original, his food is always beautiful to look at, and surprising to taste, as the dish always hides in it a bit more flavor, or an unusual texture, that the diner wasn't expecting. And we mean that in a good way: this is seriously scrumptrious fare. Though the menu changes almost nightly, Hansen's greatest hit, his wonderfully complex pepper steak, is always available, and is a great choice for people trying the restaurant for the first time. It goes well with a hearty red, and the superb wine list has a lot of those available, many from boutique vineyards and many quite affordable.  As for the space, it has a minimalist chic, with modern art on the walls and tables nicely spaced.