Standing on a bluff on the north edge of downtown, the Snow Goose looks toward the port across Ship Creek basin, where the tent city that grew into modern Anchorage sprung up in 1914. The downstairs dining room, second-floor pub with al fresco seating, and the rooftop beer-and-wine deck can handle large, lively local drinking crowd. The menu reaches every which way—toward American with meat loaf and prime rib, toward Latin American with roast chicken with pico de gallo, toward Asian fusion with the wasabi-lime sauce on the halibut sandwich, and even toward French classic with the chicken cordon bleu. It does best at home, with the simple stuffed halibut or the three preparations of salmon. Better yet, stick to the burgers and fish-and-chips on the pub menu, and enjoy the wonderful view. On a clear day you can see Denali.