Almost an unofficial symbol for Andong, this beautiful Buddha statue stands on an ancient path looking over the mountains at Jebiwon, which used to be a resting place for travelers crossing to and from the Sobaek Mountains. It's a Mireuk Buddha, which is usually a standing statue, sometimes called the "Buddha of the Future," from the Goryeo Dynasty, and it is carved into a piece of granite that is 12m (39 ft.) high. (During the Goryeo Dynasty, many such Buddhas were created at the entrances to mountains and villages.)

There are many legends associated with this location, one of which gave it its name, Jebiwon (jebi means "swallow" in Korean). Legend has it that on the last day of construction on a nearby temple, one of the workers fell off the roof and died. They say that the worker's soul turned into a swallow and flew away. Another story dates from the Imjin Waeran and tells how the Buddha statue was beheaded by a general.