Andong is known for several traditional dishes. One of the local dishes is heotjesatbap, a "fake" version of the rice dish eaten during jesa (ancestor honoring) ceremonies; it is a mixed rice bowl similar to bibimbap, but was traditionally eaten in ancestral rite ceremonies. You can find restaurants that specialize in this dish and other traditional cuisine near the Hahoe Village, Andong Dam, and near the downtown area. A well-known place that has been making heotjesatbap for 50 years is Andong Minseok Eumshikjeom (tel. 054/843-2100) in front of the Hahoe Maeul, where you can get the famed dish for W5,000. Another good place is the Ggachi Gumeong Jib (tel. 054/821-1056) in front of the Andong Folk Village near the Andong Dam.

Also downtown is an area, Jjimdak Golmok (Steamed Chicken Alley), that specializes in another regional specialty -- jjimdak, a spicy steamed chicken dish, usually with onions, rice cakes, sweet potatoes, and a sweet ggochujang (chile paste) sauce. The Maeil Tongdak (tel. 054/854-4128) is one of the better places on the street, but most of them are quite good. Pretty much all the restaurants in town price jjimdak from W10,000 to W15,000. One order usually can feed two to four people.

Andong is famous for its beef, which they claim is the best in the country, so don't miss out on having a galbi meal here. One of the best galbi places in town is Andong Munhwa Galbi (tel. 054/857-6608 or 857-6565), a tiny unassuming spot located just up the way from Andong Station (walk up the main road away from the station, and turn into the alley where the Muhwha Motel is located -- it's a few minutes' walk down the alley). Galbi for one will set you back W17,000, but it comes with rice, soup, kimchi, lettuce, and other stuff you can snack on as you cook your meat on the tabletop charcoal grill in front of you. Another tasty place is Seoul Galbi Shikdang (tel. 054/859-6264, 136 Dongbu-dong, Andong-si), located within walking distance from Andong Station, where they've been serving Andong beef since 1969. Open 11am to 10pm, they're closed major holidays and the second Sunday of each month. Galbi dishes range from W4,000 to W14,000.

The city is also known for its salted mackerel, shikhae, a delicious sweet rice dessert drink, and its local soju, which tastes a little smoother and more sour than regular soju, that natives claim is the best in the country.

Although there are very few non-Korean options in Andong, some American fast-food joints are available downtown as well.

Note: This information was accurate when it was published, but can change without notice. Please be sure to confirm all rates and details directly with the companies in question before planning your trip.