Constructed in the 15th century for the founder of the Bayrami dervish sect, a Sufi poet and composer of hymns, the Haci Bayram Mosque is one of the most important mosques in Ankara. The mosque was built in the Selçuk style and later restored by Sinan. The ceiling is made entirely of ornamental wood, punctuated by a single hexagonal rosette, and floral and plant motifs are found throughout the mosque. The decorative Kütahya tiles were added in the 18th century.

The Haci Bayram Mausoleum attracts the faithful who visit the tomb of the Sufi mystic for prayer and inspiration. The mausoleum, with its marble facade and a sturdy lead dome over an octagonal drum, was completed a year after the mosque and borders the mihrab's exterior wall. The tomb's original wooden exterior and interior entrance doors are now part of the collection of the Ankara Ethnography Museum.