Only 15 people a night are admitted to Aruba's top temple of gastonomy. If you want to be among them, do what many foodies do: make your reservations before you finalize your plane reservations. Yes, 2 Fools and a Bull is that good. The restaurant-cum-dinner party is a definite event, beginning with drinks on the patio, during which the 15 guests are urged to mingle. Once cocktail hour is over, all sit in front of the open kitchen at a counter, while host Paul (Fool #1) cracks dry jokes, and chef Bas (Fool #2) prepares the first of the five courses—food sure to tantalize and delight. I can't tell you what it will be since the menu changes nightly, but it usually includes such delicacies as lobster, duck, handmade pastas and freshly-caught fish. Eating here will be a highlight of your trip.