Not to get too hifalutin' but if you've ever studied philosophy you know the concept of the "Platonic Ideal". Plato felt that human beings have an idea in their minds of the perfect form each object takes so that they're able to recognize that object in real life. So they imagine, say, the perfect tree for the word "tree," and then can recognize one even if it's missing a few limbs or devoid of leaves. 

This is a long way of saying that the Cedar Crest Inn comes closer to the Platonic Ideal of a B&B than any other B&B I've ever visited. Its exterior is bright pink (of course! B&B's should always be pink!). And its interior is a awash in Victoriana, from the elaborately paneled walls, to the antique furnishings and vibrantly over-the-top flowered wall papers. But being the ideal, it doesn't sacrifice comforts to aesthetics: The mattresses are modern and top-quality and there's extra heating devices in the rooms for those cold months. Service is stellar, too, from the warm welcome to such niceties as the free wine set out each evening in the parlor. Some grouse that the breakfasts are too simple but we found them good and filling. 
The final argument that it would be nigh impossible to improve on the Cedar Crest? Its location is pretty near perfect, within walking distance of the Biltmore Estate and only a mile's drive from downtown. 
Two notes: Along with the main house are two, multi-bedded unattached houses that are perfect for groups. Children under 10 are not accepted.