Chef Katie Button is a star of the Southern culinary scene, and this is her home base. A former neuroscientist, she fell in love with molecular gastronomy at Spain's famous el Bulli, and then went on to apprentice at Jean-Geroges in New York City and two Jose Andres restaurants. But with all that training she hasn't gone high fallutin'. Instead, she's concentrated on creating classic Spanish dishes, such as croquetas, fried artichokes and garlic shrimp. Button has a sure hand with mixing flavors and can make a salad sing by combining baby lettuces with sunchoke chips, baby artichokes, yogurt and a lemon vinaigrette. Her mains are as impressive, especially the rosejatta negra, a pasta course in which squid is marinated in its own ink and topped with salsa verde and creamy aioli. A family-run affair—Button's mom and dad handle the business end and her husband is the beverage director—Curate (pronounced cur-a-teh) is set in a handsome, restored 1927 building, long Asheville's bus depot. By the way, "curate" means "cure yourself" in Spanish and I can guarantee that whatever ails you—and something ails all of us—will feel less pressing after a meal here.  This is food designed to make you feel good.