Getting There

By Train -- Asilah is easily reached by any train heading to Tangier. The gare (tel. 039/417327) is located about 2km (1 1/4 miles) north of the town on the old Tangier-Rabat highway and has recently been refurbished. There are usually petits taxis waiting to meet the trains; it shouldn't cost more than 10dh ($1.25/65p) for the voyage into town. Trains depart daily from Casablanca's Voyageurs station (5 hr.; 102dh-154dh/$13-$19/£6.40-£9.65); Fes (4-5 hr.; 82dh-121dh/$5.15-$15/£5.15-£7.55); Marrakech (9 hr.; 175dh-268dh/$22-$34/£11-£17); Meknes (4 hr.; 66dh-96dh/$8.26-$12/£4.14-£6); Rabat (4 hr.; 78dh-116dh/$9.75-$15/£4.90-£7.25); and Tangier (45 min.; 15dh-23dh/$1.90-$2.90/95p-£1.45).

The overnight sleeper between Marrakech and Tangier stops in Asilah; prebook your ticket (9 3/4 hr.; 340dh/$43/£21)

By Bus -- Asilah is very well connected with the national bus network. Most southbound services originate in Tangier and can already be full, so try to prebook your seat if possible. Buses depart for Asilah daily from Agadir (13 1/2 hr.; 275dh/$34/£17); Casablanca (4 1/2 hr.; 60dh-70dh/$7.50-$8.75/£3.75-£4.40); Fes (5 hr.; 65dh/$8.15/£4.05); Marrakech (9 hr.; 205dh/$26/£13); Meknes (4 hr.; 55dh/$6.90/£3.45); Rabat (3 1/2 hr.; 60dh/$7.50/£3.75); and Tangier (45 min.; 20dh/$2.50/£1.25).

At the time of writing, the gare routière was about to be relocated to a new site on the north side of the Tangier-Rabat road. From here it's only a 10-minute stroll down rue Moulay Ismail to the medina. Some operators may continue to use the old bus station for a while; it's located on avenue Prince Heritier Sidi Mohammed (formerly av. de la Liberté) opposite the central market, 1 block north of avenue Moulay Ismail. The CTM (tel. 039/418091) office is currently still at the old bus station.


By Grand Taxi -- Grands taxis operate from either the new bus station or on avenue Moulay Ismail. Departures from Tangier depart throughout the day (40 min.; 15dh/$1.90/95p).

Tip: Tangier's airport is roughly halfway between the city and Asilah, on the main highway between the two. Buses and the train will only take you into Tangier city center. Catch a grands taxi from Asilah and ask the driver if he'll drop you off at the airport on the way into Tangier.

By Car -- The exit off the national auto route (the toll road) is on the southern edge of town. If coming from Tangier on the old Tangier-Rabat highway, you'll enter the town from the north. The streets are pretty quiet, and there's usually parking available outside all the hotels and restaurants. There's also a guarded parking lot -- used by overnight campers -- at the Bab Bhar entrance to the medina; tip the gardien 10dh ($1.25/65p) for the day.


Town Layout

Asilah is a very compact town. The old road from Tangier or Rabat runs along the northern edge of town, almost bypassing it altogether. From here it's only 1km (2/3 mile) to the harbor, with the medina adjoining its south wall and the beach beginning off its north. Avenue Moulay al Hassan ben Mehdi -- with its wide, paved promenade -- runs parallel to the harbor and is the main thoroughfare connecting the beach with the medina. Avenue Hassan II and rue Ibn Batoutta run alongside the medina wall, and it's here that most people gravitate during the day and evening.

Fast Facts

On place Mohammed V you'll find branches of Banque Populaire (tel. 039/418895) and BMCE (tel. 039/417294), with bureaux de change and ATMs, open Monday to Friday 8:15am to 3:45pm.

The post office is between the Tangier-Rabat highway and avenue Mohammed, open Monday to Friday 8am to 4:15pm and Saturday 8 to 11:45am.


Hospital d'Asilah (tel. 039/417217) is located on avenue 2 Mars, behind the new bus station.

On place Mohammed V you'll find: Pharmacie L'Ocean, open daily 8:30am to 1pm, 3 to 7:30pm, and 8 to 11pm; a combined Internet/teleboutique, open daily 10am to 11pm; and Labo Studio L'Ocean, which sells and processes film and stocks memory cards, open daily from 9am to 1:30pm and 3:30 to 9pm.

Note: This information was accurate when it was published, but can change without notice. Please be sure to confirm all rates and details directly with the companies in question before planning your trip.