Virtual video tours of Greece allow visitors to call up and "see" moments in Greek history from ancient to modern times. Housed in an enormous former factory, the ambitious museum has exhibition space for special exhibits, a theater, an Internet café and shop, and a fleet of eco-friendly, battery-powered buggies that can whisk visitors from exhibit to exhibit. The ribbed dome—a hi-fi reinterpretation of a Bronze Age beehive tomb—contains a virtual reality exploration of the Ancient Agora (among other things) that, although it costs between €5 and €10 extra , is a great hit with most kids 10 and older, many of whom, having been raised on interactive devices, seem to enjoy the virtual ancient Agora more than the actual ancient Agora. The day pass, a good value, is €15. Tip: Call ahead. There is usually, but not always, an English-speaking guide on duty. Some days, when school tours visit, or special events are scheduled, the Center is closed to the general public.