Having completed a freshening-up and partial reinstallment in 2013, the Folk Art Museum now is, if possible, even better than ever. It was already one of Athens' best small museums, full of dazzling costumes and the ornately embroidered linen which was, until recently, made by every Greek girl for her dowry before her wedding day. Photos and dioramas recreate scenes from the Greece that still survives in rural communities, where threshing is still done with mules, water comes from deep wells, and fishermen still make, not buy, their mile-long nets. Don't miss the small room with the exuberant frescoes of gods and heroes that were done by the eccentric early 20th century artist Theofilos Hadjimichael. Theofilos, as he is called, wore old-fashioned costumes himself, and painted many of his works to pay for lodgings and food. The museum shop is tiny but good.