Indoors, the walls are decorated with great old black and white photos and outside, tables spread beneath a shady plane tree (platanos means plane tree). On the plates, the food has been consistently good spitiko fageto (home cooking) since 1932. If artichokes are in season, try them with lamb in egg lemon sauce; if they're not, try the spinach and lamb in egg lemon sauce. As you might suspect by now, the egg lemon sauce here is a standout and the lamb very tender. Everything else is good, too, and there's a wide choice of stews and chops with enough veggies to make any vegetarian happy. Bottled wines come from many regions of Greece, although the house wine is a safe choice. It only takes cash. Plan to relax, not rush, through a meal—and if you are here in the daytime, stop in the wonderful Museum of Popular Greek Musical Instruments next door.