Many foodies consider Spondi to be the best restaurant in Greece. It won its first Michelin star in 2002 and a second in 2008. Those people must feel happier than I do with a menu that lists "The Tomato" or "The Potato" as a starter option for €30. What's more, I am not sure that frogs legs really should be coated in "peanut/celery-coconut mousse." Everything is beautifully served and there's a relatively "cheap" tapas menu (often featuring seafood and sweets) at €69, or €80 with 2 glasses of wine. The more extensive discovery menu, with larger portions, often including sea urchins and duck, is € 128, or €157 with four glasses of wine. The setting has not changed significantly in years: a handsome 19th-century townhouse with stone walls inside and out, massive chandeliers, and tables with snow-white table cloths. In summer, the courtyard, dotted with flowers and small trees, is charming. The menu changes frequently, retaining old favorites such as lamb with coriander, while adding new dishes. Spondi's food is worthy, but the prices are a major deterrent, and the location is far enough out of central Athens to make taking a cab here and back sensible (if also pricey—at least €25 round-trip).  Reservations are recommended