The only time Thanasis is not crowded is when it's closed. Just across from Taverna Sigalas, Thanasis serves superlative kebabs and pita. The kebabs, made of a secret mixture of ground lamb and beef, are unusually tender and juicy for a souvlakia joint. There's both take-out service and indoor and outdoor tables. Thanasis makes for both a great budget choice and an ideal place to take in the local scene—but be very careful to keep your wallet, back pack, or pocketbook as close as possible because experienced pick-pockets have figured out that people get relaxed when they eat here. As in certain New York delis, many waiters here seem to be engaged in a perpetual contest to see who can be the most brusque. Others are geniuses at seating customers by rearranging chairs and tables (often to the surprise of those already sitting at them). Portions are generous, and you may be happy with a "misi merida" (half portion) for around €5.