Note: This museum has permanently closed. The restored Cyclorama moves to the Atlanta History Center in 2017.

History buffs and reeanactors will love this place, as the Atlanta Cyclorama & Civil War Museum brings the Civil War to life in a way few other museums can. Visitors feel like they're engaged in battle themselves when they step in front of the Cyclorama—at 42-ft. tall, 358 ft. in circumference, and 10,000 lbs., the panorama was at one time the largest oil painting in the world. The overwhelming scene portrays the Battle of Atlanta, a bloody engagement fought on July 22, 1864, during which the Confederates and Yankees lost more than 12,000 men combined. Though the Cyclorama is the central focus of the museum, other artifacts from the Civil War—like arms and artillery—and installations like the steam locomotive "The Texas" round out the experience. The tour led by a knowledgeable guide is worth it; just 40 minutes long, it includes fun special lighting, sound effects, and music that further immerse you in the experience. Parking is free.