Sacrilege it may be, but Church Bar is a religious nightlife experience that everyone with a sense of humor and a love of fun must try at least once. While its official name is Sister Louisa's Church of the Living Room & Ping Pong Emporium, locals simply know it as Church Bar. On first appearance, it may look incredible dive-y, but if you peer closer—i.e. read each poster and sign that adorns the walls—you'll find an overwhelming church motif with pithy captions etched across each picture. Don't worry, it's all in a playfully mocking way (sort of), as the bar was opened by a former divinity school studentemphasis on the word "former." There's a good selection of liquor and local beers like Sweetwater on draft, as well as Spiritual Sangria, the bar's signature drink. Grab a glass, head upstairs, put on the choir robes, and play a game of darts. Or lounge on the old church pews as you wait your turn in line for a rousing game of Ping-Pong. Be sure and stop by on Wednesdays for church organ karaoke starting at 10pm. Warning: Those on the more conservative side might find this joint highly offensive.