While many bars across Atlanta don't shutter their doors until 3am, it's rare that a bar doesn't even open until 10:30pm. But that's Octopus Bar's schtick; it's one of the few places in town that serves food past midnight. The bold murals, glow-in-the-dark bar, and giant octopus installation hanging from the ceiling give it a very underground, dive-y feel. It's attached to a Vietnamese restaurant, but also serves its own brand of food: Seafood, as you might have gathered by the name. You'll find a half dozen different kinds of oysters, as well as lobster rolls, halibut, and sea urchin, and non-seafood dishes, too, like poached chicken, pork belly, or braised and fried rabbit legs. While this is more of a PBR kind of place, there are a number of sakes available, as well as champagne, wine, and beer on draft. The cocktail menu features some interesting specialties like Fever Dreams, made of Belle Meade bourbon, Borghetti coffee liquor, cacao, and Underberg bitters. Note that if you don't like hipsters, you probably won't be a fan of Octopus Bar.