Nearly a century after speakeasies were implemented as a secret way for boozers to drink during the Prohibition Era, the joints are back and hotter than ever. Atlanta has a few bars fashioned after the historic establishments, but most notable is Paper Plane, which opened in 2013 in Decatur. It's stealthily tucked away down an alley behind Victory Sandwich Bar, and its cocktail menu will blow your mind, mainly because it contains quite a few ingredients you've never heard of before. The bartenders pride themselves on unlikely unions, such as the rye, Campari, lemon, pecan, sorghum, and sea salt that combine to make the Tart Breaker (clever names are also Paper Plane's thing). This is not a place to get plastered; it's a venue for tasteful drinking in a classy environment (darkly lit with wood furnishings and half-moon booths, the lounge-like atmosphere makes a great spot for small groups or dates). There's a short food menu—with items like beets, yellowtail snapper, octopus, and chilled carrot soup on the docket—for those who are hungry.