Devonport is known as the "village" of Auckland because its history long proceeds the arrival of the Europeans, back to the times when Maoris ruled this area. That feeling of history, and of being in a more intimate part of the city, is brought to life in the superlative and romantic B&B. Set in a lovingly restored Victorian mansion, its a place that still proudly serves high tea (on Saturdays and Sundays), decorates its rooms with thoughtfully chosen antiques (chandeliers, fireplace screens, steamer trunks) and serves a sumptuous breakfast. The host is an ex-pat Brit who shares her love for her adopted country with great passion. If you're trying to choose which room to pick, know that the sunny upstairs rooms have views and balconies but the downstairs spaces are intimate and cool. Shops are around the corner and the home is surrounded by lush gardens. A top pick.