This downtown gallery, affiliated with the art school and sculpture garden/museum at the Contemporary-Laguna Gloria, has gone through more reincarnations than the Dalai Lama; the website explores the history of both institutions in great detail. The Jones Center’s current incarnation is a mixed bag. Some of the exhibitions, all devoted to contemporary work, are excellent; others not so much. But it’s inexpensive, air-conditioned (hey, it can get hot strolling around the concrete canyon of Congress Avenue), and you might hit it on a great day. One of the best works of art is on the edge of the museum’s roof, viewable for blocks around at night: Huge neon letters spell out “With Liberty and Justice For All”—which artist Jim Hodges jokingly calls “a work in progress,” even though it’s a permanent fixture. Behind the letters, the Moody Rooftop serves as an open-air lounge for galas and gatherings.