This place is not only the pride of the University of Texas, it’s the pride of the entire state. A museum, research library, and archive, with a focus on cultural and literary artifacts, the Ransom Center is the caretaker and keeper of European and American treasures: about a million rare books, including one of only six complete Gutenberg Bibles in the U.S.; 42 million literary manuscripts; 5 million photographs, including the world’s first permanent photograph from nature; and more than 100,000 works of art, including pieces by Picasso and Kahlo. This material is most often accessed by scholars (though anyone can request to see it), but parts of the collection are regularly exhibited in the ground-floor gallery. Some examples: handwritten manuscripts of short stories by Hemingway; poetry scribbled on a lunch bag by e. e. cummings; Woodward and Bernstein’s Watergate papers; a handwritten journal kept by Jack Kerouac; and Houdini’s private papers. There’s also an impressive collection of rare vintage comic books. Check the website for the various lectures, plays, and poetry readings held here day and night.