You get a lot of fun for your buck at this revamped 1938 motor court in SoCo’s action hub. The Austin Motel sign is a local landmark; instead of posting vacancy information, the neon billboard announces “Let Love In” or makes topical comments like “I Believe Her.” The retro-chic decor is playful, with lipstick-red or lemon-yellow vinyl headboards, 1950s-inspired seating, push-button phones, and vintage silkscreened music posters. The spiffed-up pool (classic kidney-shaped, natch) and lounge area is outfitted with vinyl lounge chairs and vintage tables beneath red-and-white-striped umbrellas. Poolside activities include punk-rock water ballet, water aerobics, and live music. The small reception area shares space with a general store that sells tropical kitsch items as well as beverages and snacks you can take back to your room (in a beach cooler—what else?). Joann’s restaurant and bar, opened in 2018, continues the retro theme with cushy blue vinyl booths and counter stools; its Tex-Mex comfort food and comfort drinks and a palm-fringed patio on Congress Avenue became instant hits.