Austin is the perfect youth hostel-friendly city—a place where being a young broke vagabond, a college student, or a hapless graduate trying to figure life out is, well, normal. Austin is also an outdoor-lover's paradise. With the shady hike and bike trails along Lady Bird Lake, five highland lakes surrounding the city, and the cool waters of Barton Springs, the city is perfect for runners, cyclists, and those who can stand-up paddleboard all day long. Located right on the trail, with great views of Lady Bird Lake, this hostel has all the things you'd expect (onsite laundry rooms, a kitchen, free Wi-Fi), as well as a few you wouldn't, like a high-speed internet kiosk, low-flow water-saving shower heads, and free breakfast. Guests still have to share one bathroom and shower area, but other than that the comfort level here is high. A new development is the one private room, although it lacks its own bath. Bike and kayak rentals are available on site, and the aforementioned stand-up paddleboards are now available for rent, too.