It’s amazing what a few coats of white paint—and a $75-million revamp—can do. Returning Austin visitors might recognize the arched windows and boxy shape of the 1960s Radisson Hotel, but it’s now the chic LINE, with siblings in Los Angeles and D.C. The lobby has become light and airy, with a Zen-meets-the-Hill-Country vibe. Furnishings are sleek and minimalist, while floor-to-ceiling windows drink in views of the foliage-fringed shores of Lady Bird Lake. All concessions have been carefully chosen for the world stage: The main restaurant, Arlo Grey, is the first dining venture of Kristen Kish, who won season 10 of Top Chef, while Alfred’s Coffee, with its gourmet sips, baked goods, and grab-and-go selections (Scotch eggs, anyone?), has branches only in Tokyo and LA. If all this sounds a bit too cool for school, evoking a side of Austin that’s overly status conscious, it’s balanced by genuinely friendly Texas hospitality. Also, a no-fee-or-size-restriction pet policy ensures there are usually lots of dogs around to keep folks from taking themselves too seriously. Only one tower of rooms was open for business at the end of 2018 and the rooftop fine-dining restaurant wasn’t yet finished, but it’s clear that this is destined to be a downtown gathering spot for locals as well as guests; they already attend al fresco yoga and kickboxing classes here.