It's crazy—I keep losing this bar like a bad set of keys. In fact, every time I think I'll go there for a tasty Mexican martini, I call ahead to see if it's still in the same spot. Why? Well, it's moved four times since I first started patronizing this sweet little dumpy bar. Once the building was even stuck in storage at the Shady Grove RV Park. The Cedar Door first opened way back in 1975, and by the 1980s it became known as Austin's "bar on the move." Today it squats happily downtown on Brazos Street, where it will likely stay a while—I hope. I love its huge Fido-friendly patio, a great place to sit outside on summer nights. This is still one of Austin's best laid-back bars, home to cold beer and the aforementioned signature Mexican martini: Think a tequila-heavy margarita, with an extra splash of Triple Sec and garnished with an olive. You can even buy the mix to make them at home. Like many former college girls in Austin, I have memories of just the right guy and just the right long lazy afternoon spent with him at this bar. The guy is long gone, but the bar remains. And as it turns out, the more it moves, the more it stays the same.