I've loved this place as long as I can remember. Kerbey Lane Cafe has been serving whole wheat, blueberry, buttermilk, and gluten-free pancakes 24/7 since 1980. It’s a bit bohemian and an Austin tradition —a place to grab coffee and read The Austin Chronicle; find a new bike, cat, couch, or poetry workshop on the bulletin board; study all night long if you're a UT student; drink coffee and wax poetic with a new boyfriend; and enjoy great omelets and vegetarian fare. It's not just the college crowd that calls this place home, either—I'd say just as many early-30s types make this their Saturday morning breakfast tradition, or their midnight pancake run. There is also a full bar and some nice vegetarian options. Set in an old house with creaky wood floors and sunshine pouring in the windows, this place always takes me back to happy times, with the same familiar whole-wheat pancake smell. I spent the better part of my 20s here, and it hasn't changed much since—which is nice. Prices are also retro and ultra-reasonable, and families with small kids feel at home. There are three other locations besides this, my favorite, the original/central one on (where else?) Kerbey Lane.