Dreamworld is a Disney-style park, except that here giant koalas called Kenny and Belinda roam the streets instead of Mickey Mouse. Adrenaline-crazed thrill-seekers will love the action rides, such as the aptly named Giant Drop, in which you free-fall 39 stories in 5 seconds, and the Tower of Terror, which propels you forward and upward at 4.5Gs before you fall backward 38 stories in 7 seconds. These high-octane offerings make the park's other attractions look tame. Kids will love Nickelodeon Central, the only Nickelodeon cartoon attraction outside the U.S. Other activities include an IMAX theater, a wildlife park where you can cuddle a koala and hand-feed kangaroos, river cruises livened up by a bushranger shootout, and rides for young kids. A big highlight is to watch trainers swim, wrestle, and play with Bengal tigers on Tiger Island.