Several farms in Cerro Punta are open to the public for visits; there are no regular hours, so just pop by if you're in the area. Turn at the first left just before Cerro Punta at the sign for the International Park and continue until you see Finca Fresas Pariente, a strawberry farm that will sell their fruit to passersby. Take a left at the road just past Pariente to Panaflores, an extensive flower farm with rows upon rows of flowers in a rainbow of colors, and an excellent spot for taking photos.

Finca Dracula

Despite the spooky name, this finca is revered as one of the most important orchid farms in Central America, with more than 2000 species on display that are cloned to produce 250,000 plants yearly. The farm claims to have the most complete collection of rare American orchid species, some of which no longer exist in their natural habitat. The farm is owned by master orchid horticulturist Andres Maduro, who bought the property in 1969 and has allowed the former cattle ranch to reforest and return to its natural, exuberantly tropical state. The name of the finca refers to the Dracula orchid, an elegant purple flower that droops and hides itself during daylight. Tours of the orchid farm are best in April, when there's a higher incidence of blooming orchids, but on any day you're bound to see dozens of orchids in full bloom. Tours cost $7 (£3.50) per person, but they include a thorough guided tour of the facilities and laboratory to illustrate the delicate process involved in cloning. If you wish to visit the facilities without a guide, the cost is $2 (£1). Tours, in Spanish and English, are Tuesday through Sunday from 8am to noon and 1 to 5pm (tel. 771-2070;

Truchas Bambito

This is less of an attraction and more of a place to reel in a fresh trout for dinner, if you have kitchen facilities or if your hotel's restaurant is willing to cook one up for you. Truchas Bambito is part of the Hotel Bambito , but located on the other side of the road. Three pools here are packed with swimming trout; throw a line in and within minutes, or even seconds, you'll be reeling in a fish. Young kids, of course, really get a kick out of this attraction. The cost to rent a pole is $2.50 (£1.25); the cost per pound for a trout is $1.65 (85p). It's $3 (£1.50) per pound to have the fish gutted and filleted. Truchas Bambito is open daily from 8am to 3pm; they accept Visa or cash only.

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