Austrian chef David Thompson made a name for himself dishing out authentic Thai flavors in London before settling in Bangkok. At the time, Thompson was the first farang (Westerner) to attempt to woo local palates with ancient Thai recipes. Thompson was meticulous in his research of this history of long-lost Thai dishes and used textbooks from the Royal Court to aid his study. Curries, stir-fries, salads, and soups use hard-to- find ingredients, like fiddlehead ferns, to create complex and balanced dishes that are worthy of all the praise Nahm has received. Though Thompson stepped down in mid-2018, chef Pim Techamuanvivit is continuing his work, and still using his recipes, to create set menus that showcase the intricacies of the cuisine with perfect execution from the staff. The only “miss” is the outdoor terrace next to the hotel pool. Watching guests swim laps during service is a surefire way to kill the mood, so always choose to sit inside.