Mee in Thai means noodles, which is the focus of this restaurant in the Grand Hyatt Hotel. Noodles are served either fried in various combinations or with a broth. One exception is khao ski—a famous northern dish that consists of both crispy and flat noodles in a mild curry sauce with chicken, pork, or beef, and served with a side dish of shallots and pickled cabbage. Most foreigners love this dish, as it's flavorful without being fiery hot. Another popular dish that everyone seems to enjoy is pad thai (literally meaning "Thai fry"), in which noodles are fried with beansprouts, egg, tofu, peanuts, and your choice of prawns or chicken. There's also a rice soup buffet in the evening at which you can add whichever ingredients appeal. Prices are obviously higher than at a street stall, but quality and hygiene is guaranteed.