Just 31 simple, spacious, airy rooms of white tile floors, Caribbean-fluorescent fabrics, and a pair of double beds—but every single room has a sea view over the small freshwater pool and screen of palms to the white sands of Worthing Beach. The lagoon is protected from big waves, but there is a bit of tidal pull, so it might not be ideal for less experienced swimmers (though they do get turtles at the safer, calmer low-tide periods). The Coral Sands is set back from the main road down an alley, which does wonders for reducing the traffic noise that plagues many in-town Barbados hotels (can’t do anything about the late-night music from nearby beach bars on the weekends, however, but that’s the case in much of the Caribbean). The in-house restaurant is fine, but no great shakes. Luckily, there are a few better spots to eat nearby. Plus, St. Lawrence Gap is just a five-minute stroll away, and you’re always just a 15-minute taxi ride south of downtown Bridgetown. Also, each room comes with a kitchenette and there are two grocery stores within a few blocks. For those who need to spread out, they rent a three-bedroom penthouse.