This East Coast retreat of cool sea breezes and hammocks swinging from the palm trees on the grassy lawn overlooking the surf was built of whitewashed hardwood planks in an open, airy plantation style with rattan furnishings, batik art, and wraparound balconies on both stories. The whirling ceiling fans and mosquito nettings twinned around the king-sized beds’ mahogany pencil posts in the six rooms of the main house are a hint that you are supposed to unplug and cool off the natural way, with ocean breezes and a whole lot of doing nothing, island-style. (If you absolutely must have A/C, it is available in the three rooms of the separate cottage.) Studios and the one-bedroom apartment in the cottage all come with kitchenettes (the gazebo restaurant only serves dinner, and that only several times per week; you’ll want a car to go shopping and sample area restaurants). There is no pool, but natural dipping pools are available right on the Bathsheba beach. They emphasize the away-from-it-all theme here, often in cheeky digs at larger resorts: The official dress code is “Barefoot”; children under eight are not allowed simply because the close wooden structure and rugged property paths “would not allow a child to be a child without disturbing other guests”; there are no electronic devices (TVs, radios, phones, etc.) to intrude upon your peace, but WiFi is available of all those who feel they “need to be in touch.”