It doesn't get more basic, or more friendly, than this little fish shack right off the beach. Wander over most any day and you'll find Cuzz with a big grin on this face greeting guests, chatting them up, and sweeping his patch of parking lot to keep it tidy. In the shack it's his son who has now taken on the frying duties, and he'll lay out the simple menu if you're a first timer: fish cutter (sandwich), cheese cutter, or fish-and-cheese cutter. Go for broke with the combo, I say. The marlin was likely in the sea that very morning, and though Italians wouldn't approve of mixing fish with formaggio, I think the flavor is really tasty. Slather the Shack's condiments on the soft, sweet bread of your sammy—the Barbadian hot sauce packs a punch, but is quite flavorful. Guests usually just bring their meal back to the beach, but there's a bench where you can squat if you're nervous about sandy sandwiches. It's as satisfying a meal as you'll get in Barbados.