When it comes to cheap eats, many travelers go for authentic local specialties. In Barbados, interestingly enough, that means Indian roti bread "sandwiches." It's not only because Barbados is a member of the Commonwealth and Brits are notoriously infatuated with Indian food, but also the fact that people of Indian descent have settled on this island for generations. Which is all a long way of saying: Go! Who cares that this counter joint is just a collection of shaded plastic tables off a busy road? The food is fabulous: try the flaky roti bread with just the right amount of oiliness, wrapped burrito-like around fresh veggies and your choice of curries (the shrimp curry is especially good). Customers can customize the sandwiches to their spice tolerance levels, with a panoply of delicious sauces, but what most can't do is finish these massive sandwiches—the one I had recently was bigger than my face! When I last dined here, a Canadian woman who lives half the year on the island tells me that she makes a pilgrimage to eat here at least once a week. If I lived in Barbados, I'd do the same.